About HundredCoin

Hundredcoin is a POW Scrypt Coin
paying 100 HUN every 100 seconds.

Hundredcoin is all about longivity and continues minting 100 coin blocks until 2987 AD, at which time the reward is halved.

Hundredcoin is a Litecoin hybrid, with faster blocks and better retargeting.

Hundredcoin is using tried and tested technology, it should remain bug and mainentence free for decades to come. We do not plan to Hardfork, change algos, change rewards, add POS, reduce supply, or anything else that would require changing Hundred coins origional specifics. What you see now, is what you will get in 100 or 1000 years!

Trade Hundredcoin on Cryptopia
Hundredcoin is trading against Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others, on the webs hottest exchange platform Cryptopia. Cryptopia allows you to easily buy and sell Hundredcoins.


How do I get Hundred coins?

The two main ways to get Hundredcoins are by Mining them, or Trading them. All transactions are stored in whats called a blockchain. Hundredcoin miners are people who are giving their computer power to support the Hundredcoin network, compute the mathmatical equations and store the blockchain. They are paid whats called "mined coins". Depending how much computer power they give to the network, determans how many coins they will receive.

Mined coins are generated 100 every 1 seconds. Also, everytime you send coins, you pay a small transaction fee (0.001%) this is also paid to the miners. If you want to mine Hundredcoins, you need at least 1 computer with a graphics card, or a scrypt specific Asic computer.

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